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Race 1 Daytona

2016 – Race 1: Daytona International Speedway

Race 1 Daytona

During the off-season I agreed to resurrect the Bimmerworld Racing Travel Blog. I waited until after both Daytona events to get started. Frankly, after a few years of writing about the team I didn’t feel as though I was offering anything fresh and interesting; then I realized that racing is a grind and mostly tedious and uninteresting work. Now I feel better about writing again, even if it’s an occasionally boring article, as that’s the reflects the reality of working for a race team.

The Roar Before the 24 provides us our first IMSA sponsored on-track testing opportunity each year. I enjoy Daytona as we’ve settled into a routine. Same moderately crappy hotel, but right on the beach with a nice deck where we sit, talk, drink beer, and a few smoke cigars from the cigar shop across the street.

One night is everyone dining together at the mom and pop style Italian eatery Porto-Fino. Most of the wait staff are, um, “mature” women, mostly from the New York area. They claim that they’ve been in Florida for 20 years, yet still have accents that definitely identify them as New Yorker’s. With about 28-30 people sitting at one long table they handle the orders well, and the kitchen does a great job getting the food out quickly – even though the rest of the place is also packed. After awhile they bring out deserts and sides, “Who got the cannoli”? No one answers up quickly, so they just start putting stuff in front of you and tell you to enjoy.

Another night is usually wings at the Neptune Sports Pub, known for the booths made out of former NASCAR race car shells. The place is a dump, but they have good food, so everyone’s happy.

BimmerWorld 81 and 84 at Daytona
By Halston Pitman for Motorsports Media


One big change this year is that after 10-11 years of faithful service “Big Blue” moved on to a quieter life. The tractor is being used by a local business near the shop. The trailer went to a Porsche race business at NOLA Motorsport Park.

BimmerWorld Big Blue
Farewell old friend. Phil Wurz photo.


There are also a number of crew changes. Darius moved on to work on his beloved Hondas in Ohio near where he trained. Tyler left for a government job.

We have several crew who I am sure will make some blog-worthy contributions later in the year. One is a recently retired cop from Long Island, two are Army Veterans and one is Air Force. That makes at least five Vets on the team, so I like that.

BimmerWorld Heading Home
See you on the road… Liane Cooke photo.


Race results have been posted on various other sites. I only wrote this short post to reintroduce the blog.

Please follow me on my travels with the team this year. Next stop – Sebring.

-Dave Taylor



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