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Alpina B6 (BMW E30) with an S54 Engine Conversion


Alpina B6 (BMW E30 Base) with an S54 engine, 5-lug suspension, E36 M3 brakes, rollbar, and other performance/track goodies.

The Alpina B6 came to us for some performance upgrades. A little foreshadowing for an S54 swap?

Once removed, the S54 will need the M50 oil pan installed for this application.

The oil pan swap on the S54 is being completed while the battery tray area is being addressed. The E30 battery tray area was in need of some restoration including media blasting and epoxy primer. After the oil pans are swapped, the S54 gets dropped in for test fitment.

When the S54 is finally fitted in the E30 engine bay, a very small brake booster is mounted with custom piping in order to fit the big S54 stock plenum. We are able to reuse the stock S54 oil filter housing with BimmerWorld -10 AN plumbing adaptor kit and SPA oil pressure and temperature sensors.

The E46 M3 fuel pressure regulator system is required to supply the correct amount of fuel pressure to the S54. A Borla XR-1 3″ race muffler is installed, with help from E36 exhaust mount brackets for the custom exhaust system. The Spal pusher fan was a little tight, but sits in front of the PWR E36 42mm radiator. The SPA water temp sensor gets mounted to give us more accurate water temperature readings.

The E36 M3 Euro coolant system gets relocated to the stock E30 battery area while the aFe intake is fitted and the radiator, oil cooler, plumbing, and an additional coolant temp sensor are installed.

The HFM placement is critical in tuning the car when using an aFe E46 M3 intake on the BimmerWorld S54 Conversion. This Alpina B6 will get Sparco 17×8 wheels to fit a 5-lug conversion.

This Alpina B6 is completed and ready for action.


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