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Bimmerworld Team with Billfeatured

BMW E36 M3 IP Racecar

Bimmerworld Team with Billfeatured

Follow the process of a full bare-shell build as BimmerWorld turns this stock 1995 M3 into possibly the most highly developed IP BMW Club Racing car in the country.

Completely stock with 115k miles, the donor for this racecar build rolls into the BimmerWorld shop.

The E36 M3 undergoing a massive teardown.

After the rollcage is completed, the car will be sent off to be painted.

Once the E36 M3 comes back from paint, it’s time to build!

The differential cooler is being installed in the spare tire area.

The E36 M3 undergoing a massive overhaul.

The E36 Brake Duct Kit is installed to properly cool the front brakes.

Before the engine is re-installed, the suspension gets a few goodies.

Here, the radiator gets a mounting tab welded on top to replace the stock plastic clips and the oil filter block is relocated remotely for higher performance and working room.

After the engine is fitted, we get to work on the interior of the car.

The dash is installed and the right side net is installed to proper height.

This build is near completion as the performance upgrades are almost finished.

Next, front decals are added.

Then the rear decals are installed.

This E36 M3 has undergone an entire rebuild and is heading to the track.

Once unloaded, this office is ready for it’s driver.

A few final checks before hitting the track.

This E36 M3 is ready to start it’s new life as an IP Racecar.

Proud new owner, Bill Heumann, takes the E36 M3 on it’s maiden voyage around Sebring.


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