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The final street car without decals © David Hauter

BMW E36 Touring – Uberwagen

The final street car without decals © David Hauter

A 600+ RWHP turbocharged fire-breathing monster in sheep’s clothing!

We found this donor car in Sweden. After making the journey from Sweden as a parts car, to make the titling easier, the Uberwagen needed some TLC. It’ll be hauling something after the build, but it won’t require the rear hatch to do it!

Looking at the engine bay as the donor arrived, we knew there was a lot of work ahead. Included is this Sunbelt 9:1 compression US 3.2L race engine with a Garrett GT-35R turbo and it’s buddies, being positioned here with the start of a custom header set.

The Uberwagen was taken off the lift during the long process of engine removal and reinstall, which happened about 30 times. The front shock tower had to be scalloped during one of these removal and re-installs to fit the 3.5″ downpipe. The completed custom exhaust assembly and turbo flange were also installed in their final locations.

The engine is about ready to be dropped in. Next, the fabrication for the exhaust side of the engine is nearing an end while the intake side is coming along. Inside, the boost controller is mounted while on the outside, this wiring ratsnest is waiting to be cleaned up and converted to run an AEM standalone system.

A view of the remaining custom 3.5″ exhaust fabrication along with the necessary radiator and intercooler needed for this build. Once the fuel system is modified, we’ll be able to run up to 800 Hp, more than enough for this monster. And what’s a car like this without suspension upgrades? Here, the Uberwagen gets Motons in a full coilover configuration.

To aid us in stopping, Performance Friction ZR28 brake calipers were borrowed from the BimmerWorld Racing program. Several steps were taken to help reduce temperatures under the hood, including Coolride shielding, all ceramic coatings for the exhaust – black high-temp for hot-side and gloss for aluminum cold side, and wrapping the header and downpipe.

The GT-35R turbo, shown here, is nestled into its new home. The hood had to be cut in order to test the new turbo set-up, a temporary solution soon to be remedied. Before painting the carbon hood, the air filter, seen here while setting up the suspension, was modified and will allow the hood to fit like stock.

Before the Uberwagen was ready for competition, the rear spoiler was fitted to keep the back end from lifting at the kink on the front straight. Now, it’s ready for the Ultimate Track Car Challenge at VIR.

The final turbo installation required all the heat insulation we could stuff around it. After running this monster around VIR for a few minutes, the area under the blanket is glowing bright red. The additional heat shielding for the coolant tank and system is working as designed as well.

Once the Ultimate Track Car Challenge at VIR was over, the decals were removed and our final product lives on, in street form.



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