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BMW E46 M3 Trackday Car


We are designing with a clean slate, which means every part will work in concert for the best sum of the whole.  Budget is still a design concern so this will be a very nice car, certainly race capable, but not overly exotic or way over the top.

This E46 M3 street car came to us with 60k miles and in great condition, a lot nicer than building the cheapest donor we can find. With a pile of parts waiting, the construction begins.

The cage construction begins while the roof is off, to be replaced with a carbon panel.

With the car reduced to a shell, carbon brake ducts are installed, a new Moton suspension is fitted, and BimmerWorld/C&R Racing goodies are mounted.

PFC brake products are added and the rear of the car gets some aero help.

The rollcage is nearing completion as the driver side gets modified for added strength and extra room.

The S54 awaits modifications while the rollcage is completed.

With the cage construction completed, the steering column, driver seat mount, and driver foot protection is installed.

Our rollcage gets painted before the dash is installed. The S54 gets the carbon plenum installed.

Front-end aero is installed while new wheels and a fire bottle system is mounted.

The interior is coming together as the carbon roof is mocked up before final installation. Also, the AiM MXL Pista system is installed to help the driver shave lap times and the final setup on the scales is performed.

Finally, the seats are installed and the S54 gets to breathe better.

This E46 M3 is ready for the dyno – almost 350 Hp at the wheels!


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