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Bimmerfest 2016 M2

Bimmerfest 2016

Bimmerfest 2016 at Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, California was even better than we expected. We went with the intention of meeting with some of our California-based suppliers and visiting with BMW friends, with our main goal being to simply enjoy the show. That’s exactly what we did.

From the double-lane row of cars backed up almost to the Speedway entrance when we arrived, it was obvious the BMW enthusiasts were out in full force for Bimmerfest 2016. With the number of cars that were on display, parked, and in line to get in, it was easy to understand why California is the state we ship the most parts to.

Bimmerfest 2016 line

Bimmerfest West: SoCal Car Culture At It’s Best

The SoCal car culture was a bit different than what we experience on the East Coast, but it was still 100% awesome, and it gave us a great feel for what our customers like and want. Beyond just the cars on display, the regular parking lot had an equally impressive display of great BMWs from every generation. And Bimmerfest isn’t just about show cars, though there were plenty to see; there were also track day events, autocrosses, and time trials. The BMW USA and Heritage display was really impressive, and we never get tired of seeing the old PTG M3s, let alone the mighty McLaren F1 GTR.

BimmerWorld McLaren F1 GTR

We barely had a chance to get around and see everything on Saturday, but we did get to spend some time filming with OPTIMA Batteries, and we spent a ton of time at MagnaFlow’s full transport display helping to answer all the questions about their 100% American-made BMW exhaust systems. We also got the opportunity to show off the new MagnaFlow F82 M4/F80 M3 Performance Exhaust System that stunned quite a few people with how well it transformed the otherwise dull sounds coming from the BMW S55 Twin Turbo engine. It’s a great looking system, and it’s easily the best sounding exhaust available for the new M3 and M4 – hands down!

This was our first time as Bimmerfest West attendees, but it definitely won’t be our last. We had a great time with all the great people and BMWs, and we’re already looking forward to the next one. We even managed to sneak away and get a few photos, so take a look at the Bimmerfest gallery below to catch a glimpse of what we saw.


BimmerWorld and Tarheel & Toe – Spring HPDE 2016

While our pro racing season has been in full swing for a couple of months now, the HPDE season has only recently started back up, and we just got back from our first great BMW CCA weekend of the year: The spring HPDE with BimmerWorld and Tarheel (& Toe) at VIR.


Helping build better drivers

We had a whole BimmerWorld crew head out to help at the first event of the year for BMW CCA’s Tarheel Chapter.  Along with help from HMS,  we donated a few AiM Solo units for use in Tarheel’s A-Solo program as a means to increase their learning curve. Our own Phil Wurz ensured that the students were able to both use and understand the data from one of the best tools available for increasing driver potential. It was a great success as students were picking up a lot of great info on where they could improve to maximize their time spent on track. Tarheel Chapter’s Phil Antoine was grateful for the assistance, stating, “BimmerWorld’s support of our A-Solo Program was a tremendous success. By providing AiM Solo units and a the necessary training, they were able to help us introduce data acquisition to our advanced group of students. The results were immediately obvious.”

Gary Gray not only worked registration on Friday night and early Saturday morning, he also bolted on his helmet and communicator to hop in the right seat with some students to show them where the track goes and how to use all the asphalt they were paying for over the weekend. Well, he actually had to borrow a helmet for the first time in 25 years and buy a new communicator, but you get the point. With a D student in a fully-prepped (and very loud) 2.5L E30 M3 and a B student who was significantly faster on Sunday, Gary managed to wrap up the weekend knowing he had helped some track addicts make some big improvements. He’s also been raving about his excursion to Aunt Millie’s so much that we’re thinking a company field trip for pizza and banana splits may need to happen soon.

Mike Renner BMW Performance Center M2
Mike Renner from the BMW Performance Center came out to give e-ticket rides and promote the new BMW M2.

In between all the work, we somehow managed to squeeze in a pretty good time while enjoying the Tarheel hospitality…


Good times on track… and off!

Phil and Brandon Marshall managed to get some time behind the wheel of our E36 325i enduro car, allowing them to shake off the cobwebs as well as discover a few small issues that developed over the off season. Those issues didn’t stop Brandon from getting bumped up to C group at his second-ever track event, eventually getting signed off to drive solo. We’re sure it was his raw talent and not just the instructor needing a break. Speaking of instructors, word has it that Phil may be adding that role to his ever-increasing driving resume soon.

Phil Wurze and Brandon Marshal Tarheel VIR BimmerWorld
The BimmerWorld endurance car getting a workout and shaking off the winter cobwebs.

Carrie Wurz and Nick Large got into a major karting battle, but the results may go down in history as a mystery. Nick claims they both lost, Carrie says Nick is a karting wizard who can’t be beat, and based on the pain they’ve both been feeling all week, maybe they did both get beaten.

Common question whenever Nick gets out of a kart.

BimmerWorld donated some door prizes to the Saturday night banquet, and we got to put some faces with some names and mingle a bit with new friends and old. It’s always a great weekend when you’re at a racetrack, but even better when you’re with good friends. Thanks to the BMW CCA Tarheel Chapter for hosting another great event.



Event Gallery by Phil Wurz

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